VE Commodore Brake Pads

VE Commodore Brake Pad

Depending on what you use your car for and how you drive it, your brake pads should last from any where between 15,000 and 70,000 kilometres. If you think the brake pads on your VE Commodore are wearing out too early, it may be a good idea to replace them with heavy-duty high temperature resistant pads.


Noisy Brake Pads

The VE Brake Pads should operate with mininum amount of noise with normal driving use. If your VE's brakes are noisier than usual, or you're hearing excessive levels of screeching, squealing, groaning, etc. then your pads require attention.


Some common reasons for noisy brake pads are unusual vibrations from your disc rotors, the steel backing plates, or from the brake pads themselves. Using unsuitable combinations of pad and rotor for your driving style can also be the cause of noisy brake pads.