VE Commodores For Sale

Are you looking for a VE Commodore to buy in Australia? Well there are a few things you should consider first. The first thing-- what are your requirements? Do you have a set budget, does the Holden you're looking for need certain extras such as leather interior, or front and rear parking sensors?


The main thing requirement for most people will be having to stick to a budget, so buying a new VE may be out of the question, but checking classifieds and websites for VE Commodores for sale is an excellent way to get the car you want. Always take the car you're looking at for a test drive to see if it's what you're actually looking for. If looking at a second hand car, during the test drive keep an ear out for anything out of place with the car and see if the car feels how it should.


It's generally recommended that when buying second hand you look for private sale, low kilometre, one-owner Holdens as these are usually the most mechanically sound and you will have the full history from the seller. We do not really advise to buy from a dealership as your first choice, but if you're an inexperienced buyer and the dealership offers a great warranty then it may be the way for you to go. When looking at the VEs for sale at a Holden Dealer, make sure that when you go in you have a maximum price in mind and you stick to your budget. Many dealers will try and talk you into more than you originally wanted and it will end up costing you an arm and a leg.


Make sure any Commodore you buy hasn't been in a major crash or accident as these can compromise the safety of the vehicle. You can arrange for a professional to inspect any car you're considering buying and they will give you an overview of the quality of the vehicle.

VE Commodores Available