VE Commodore Fuel Economy

Please note that this is an outdated page, we have full statistics and information on the MY10 and MY11 VEs available on the VE Series II Fuel Economy page available from the menu page under the Series II section.


Below is a listing of the fuel economy statistics for the VE range. All statistics are displayed in Litres per 100km and are believed to be 100% accurate at the time of publishing.

  • V6 Automatic Omega, Berlina
    10.9L/100km (Up to Oct 2008)
    10.6L/100km (From Nov 2008)
  • V6 195kW Manual SV6
  • V6 195kW Automatic SV6, Calais
  • V6 195kW Automatic Calais-V
  • V8 Manual SS
  • V8 Automatic Berlina, SS, Calais