VE Commodore LED Lights

VE Commodore LED Lights

LED head lights and tail lights really make your VE look just that much better. In addition to their looks, LED lights lower the power consumption of the vehicle and the brightness levels are sometimes increased greatly over standard bulb lights.


The great thing about LED light conversions for your VE Commodore is that most technically minded people can perform the conversion themselves at a low cost. For those who are unable to do this themselves, there are already converted lights available in many places such as in classified listings and auction sites.


LED Headlights

VE Commodore LED Headlight with Daytime Running Lamps

A number of LED headlights are available for the VE Commodore and are suitable for a large range of body types and badges ranging from the VE Omega all the way through to the HSV Maloo.


If you're interested in some LED headlights for your VE, check out these VE Black Headlights w/DRL that are available online or have a search on your local classifieds.


LED Tail Lights

Red VE SV6 with Black LED Tail Lights

As with the LED headlights for the VE, a range of LED tail lights are available in and include a few different styles.


You can get the following VE LED tail lights online: