VE Commodore Panel Van

VE Commodore Panel Van


Panel Van / Sandman
The VE Commodore Panel Van is not available as a factory option, and has not been since the VU-VZ optional Panel Van canopy for the ute.

Although it is no longer a factory option, there are several places that do Panel Van / Sandman conversion kits for your VE Ute. These conversion kits will usually suit both the Holden and HSV variants of the VE Ute, and cost roughly around the $5,000 mark for an installed kit.

These kits will generally come with side glass quarter windows, rear locking glass upper tailgate, and kits will usually be installed all painted and colour matched to your ute.


Panel Van Availability

VE Panel Van


VE Panel Van / Sandman conversion kits are available from a number of places, some of which include:

  • JHP Vehicle Enhancements
  • Adelaide Ute Accessories
  • Melbourne Ute Accessories
  • Perth Ute Accessories
  • Queensland Ute Accessories
  • NSW Ute Accessories
  • More to come soon