VE Commodore Parts

After parts for your VE Commodore? Remember the main thing to look for is quality of the parts, followed by the cost of the parts. If you need VE interior accessories, oil filters, brake pads, or anything of the sort be sure to look for a quality sales outlet.

Online stores can be a convenient way to purchase goods as they are generally a bit cheaper due to lower overhead costs to run them. Don't solely rely on pricing, though, make sure to check for customer support, feedback from others, and to make sure you're buying quality parts.


Available Parts

Sourcing Parts

As the VE is a mass produced Australian car, parts for it are readily available and can be sourced from most dealers or mechanic workshops. If you're after performance or custom parts you may have to look for a local specialist to source them or even to get them made up. Custom exhausts can be fabricated for your car to give it that unique sound, or even custom upholstry or interior accessories.


If you're looking for parts on the cheap, you can also go down to your nearest commodore wreckers. Wreckers will usually have a healthy supply of whatever parts or panels you require and there are many wreckers specialising in Commodores. Commodore Wreckers are especially useful if you're after interior parts such as full seat assemblies, centre consoles, or even electric window switches, but they will carry every part you might ever need.


Commodore Brake Pads

One of the higher wearing parts in a car is the brake pad. You can get a range of brake pads to suit your VE Commodore ranging from regular brake pads all the way up through to high performance pads.


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Commodore Oil Filters

Oil filters are to be changed regularly when you replace your oil. Some people will replace only the motor's oil and not the oil filter at the same time, which is incorrect practice for this. You should ALWAYS replace your Commodore's oil filter at the same time you replace the car's oil.


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Other Parts

Brake Pads
Cold Air Intake
LED Lights
Lip Spoilers
Oil Filters
Turbo Kits
Wiper Blades