VE Commodore Recalls

October 2006
The first recall of the VE Commodore affected the VE V8 range, from the SS Commodore to the Statesman and Calais models, overall a total of 1,851 cars.

This recall is due to a potential fuel leak into the cars' engine bays, which Holden says the chance of a fuel fire was extrememly small and that the recall was a preventive measure.


November 2006
This recall affects approximately 13,000 cars that were built before mid-September and it involves a spring (worth little more than a dollar) in the rear seatbelt anchors. This spring may prevent the belt from latching securely.


January 2008
This urgent recall is for all V6 models of the Commodore sedan and WM Statesman range that were built since June 2006. The recall affects 86,000 cars, only 53,000 of which were sold in Australia, and is another fuel leak related recall. This time it is due to a fuel line hose that has the potential to rub against one of the small clips in the engine bay and could cause a leak.

If your car is one of the ones affected, Holden urges you to take it into your dealer and advises that they will repair the car at no cost, and it should only be a 30 minute repair.