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With the release of the VE Series 2 Commodore announced by Holden yesterday (31st August 2010), and an array of media releases and images coming along with it, the long awaited new Commodore has finally arrived!


As we expected, the Series II was only minor styling updates to the exterior, a revised interior including (touch screens in every model), and engines compatible with 'flex fuel' allowing owners to fill up their new Commodore with either E85 bio-ethanol fuel or just good old regular petrol.


All previous sections with model information and the likes will also be updated to include as much information on the Series II as possible. We're waiting for the official launch so we're able to update pricing, colour options, and any other assorted information we can gather.


VE Series 2 Interior Comparison

If you're interested in seeing comparisons between the original concept interior we had made and the official interior images, please feel free to visit our Series II Interior Comparison page.


Series 2 Previous Speculation

The VE Series II is set to be the next release in Holden's long line of Commodores. Recently spy shots of a new Zeta based interior have surfaced on the popular 'Drive' website, and our friends over at VFCommodore have created a concept image for us to use.


Below is a creation of a Series II interior based on the left-hand drive interior recently spotted. Note the large round central vents, LCD touch screen placed high up in the centre, chrome trim and chromed gear stick base, and slightly reworked volume/track and climate controls.


Series II Interior
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