VE Commodore Omega

White VE Commodore Omega


The VE Commodore Omega is the new specification level to replace the outdated Excutive and Acclaim levels and it offers a largely improved range of equipment. One of the more significant upgrades over the previous Executive level is the ESC (Electronic Stability Control) system included in the Omega, which is now standard across the range. Although not initially offered, air conditioning became standard in the Omega after the MY09 update as it had come under heavy criticism for the lack of this feature due to the overall hot Australian climate.


Five limited edition models based on the Omega have been released, including the V-Series, Lumina, 60th Anniversary, International, and Special Edition Internation.



Introduced in October 2006, the V-Series was the first Omega based car to come with air conditioning. This limited edition also included a sports body kit, 17" alloy wheels, and wing mirrors and door handles that are colour-matched to the body.



The Lumina was introduced in June 2007 and was mostly identical to the V-Series with the exception of rims, which were replaced with the rims from the original Calais V, the grille, replaced with the Berlina grille, and it lacked a rear spoiler. In addition to this, the Lumina saw the addition of bluetooth compatability and rear parking sensors.


60th Anniversary Edition

Introduced in May 2008, the 60th Anniversary edition was to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Holden's first vehicle- the 48-215. This edition included 18" allow wheels unique to this release, leather seat inserts, and it was badged with commemorative "60th Anniversary" badges. This model is essentially the same as the Lumina in terms of equipment offered and the styling of the car.



Introduced in March 2009, the International came with the original Calais V allow wheels, front foglamps, and rear parking assist. In addition to this, the International also came with some luxury upgrades including leather trim, leather steering wheel, a six-disc CD changer, and bluetooth compatability.


Special Edition International

The Special Edition International was introduced in October 2009 and came fitted with a 3L V6 coupled with a six-speed auto transmission. A 3.6L LPG V6 coupled with a four-speed auto transmission was also available for the sedan only. Like the previous International, this also came with leather trim, leather steering wheel, bluetooth, and rear park assist. It also featured 18" alloy wheels, and a Berlina frnont grille.