VE Commodore SS

Red VE Commodore SS


Similar to the SV6 in terms of it's equipment offerings, the VE SS sports a 6L V8 coupled with a T-56 six-speed manual gearbox. The SS comes with quad exhausts as opposed to the dual exhausts on the SV6 model. The overall level of car is much higher than that of the deprecated SV8, and it has won several awards due to it's power output, features, and low price of the car.

The SV6 has several different editions based off of the model such as the V-Series, the SS V 60th Anniversary edition, and the SS V-Series Special Edition.



The SS V offers more luxuries than the base SS model and is of a similar cost to the previous model's SS. The SS V sports metallic look pedals, an instrument panel matched to the exterior colour, and the entire dash is able to be optioned in a range of different colours. The colours include; bright red, orange, or black, and these can be used to compliment the exterior colour. The V-Series comes with five spoke 19" rims and there is the option of 20" wheels is also available.


SS V 60th Anniversary

Just as the Omega-based special edition was, the SS V 60th Anniversary edition was introduced in May 2008 and came packed with a bunch of goodies. This limited edition came with 10-spoke 20" rims, rear parking sensors, high-mounted rear spoiler, satellite navigation, and dressing items such as chrome door handle highlights on the exterior and special badging and floor mats.


SS V-Series Special Edition

This special edition was introduced in November 2009 and came with a Pontiac G8 front clip and other assorted trimmings from the G8. The reason for this special edition was due to the fact that the Pontiac brand in North America was being eliminated and the additional clips and trimmings could be salvaged for use in a Holden SS V Special Edition model.