VE Commodore Towing Capacity

So the question that is probably on your mind right now is How much can I tow with a VE Commodore? Well, finding out the towing capacity of the Holden VE is a slightly hard task to do as most sources will simply not include the figure as it's not a highly sought after thing. We're here to help with the towing capacity of the manual and automatic models!


Automatic Towing Capacity

The towing capacity of a VE with an automatic transmission should be approximately 2,100 kilograms.


Manual Towing Capacity

The maximum towing capacity of a manual transmission VE is approximately 1,600 kilograms, which is a full 500kg less than that of which the automatic can tow.


Please note that these figures are the approximately maximum for towed mass, being that of the trailer plus it's load.