VE Commodore Track Stripes

VE Ute Track Stripes

Wanting to give your VE Commodore that extra road presence? Getting yourself a set of track stripes sure can do the trick! Although track stripes are not for everybody, there's no doubt that you will garner a lot more attention with a stripe set on your car!


How Do They Look?
As you can see on the Ute to the right, they can give your car a lot of attitude and road presence. Although if you're considering purchasing a set for your own car, you should have a look at someone with the same colour car and the same stripe kit to make sure it is how you want it to look.


Track Stripe Availability
Track Stripes can be found across the internet from many automotive stores. The price for a set, depending on the quality of the sticker/vynls, will vary at somewhere between $200 for cheaper options to about $400 for some of the more expensive or higher quality options.